What Is Fashion?


Fashion is a word that is often used to describe the current trend in clothing and lifestyle. The fashion industry has become an international enterprise. It includes all aspects of the apparel business, from manufacturing to advertising and distribution.

Clothing each year

Clothing is produced in factories, and shipped to retail outlets worldwide. This process involves millions of workers, who dye, sew, and finish the garments. In the past, clothing was usually handmade. However, the industrialization of the garment industry has made it more affordable. Today, most clothing is mass-produced, in standard sizes. A recent McKinsey study found that the average consumer buys more than two thousand items of clothing each year.

Despite this, only 2% of factory workers make a living wage. As a result, factories are reluctant to spend money on improving their working conditions.

Multiple piercings

Although the term is widely associated with style, the word “fashion” has several meanings. Often, it is a reflection of the cultural context of the environment. For example, a boy with green hair and multiple piercings may be perceived as a strict conformist, or a rebel.

Fashion is also a form of self-expression. Popular music and sitcoms may show us popular trends, or celebrity styles. But what is true of celebrities isn’t always the case for ordinary people. In the United States, the fashion industry has been the largest employer for decades. Some companies send boxes of new clothes to consumers each month.


The fashion industry is a multibillion-dollar global enterprise. While it is a very important part of the economy, it uses a lot of energy and water. According to a study, the industry contributes to 10 percent of human-caused greenhouse gas emissions.


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