Soft Broaching Machines: Features, Benefits, and Applications


The process of soft broaching refers to a process of machining which involves the removal of material from the inner surface of a hollow piece using a specially-designed broaching tool. Soft broaching machines are becoming more popular because of their capability to deliver precise and top-quality results at a reasonable cost. In the following article, we’ll examine soft broaching equipment’s advantages, features, and applications.

Features of Soft Broaching Machines

Soft broaching devices are designed to offer a variety of features that make them efficient and efficient. The features include:

  • Flexible speed controls: 

The soft broaching devices permit variable speed control The broaching machine can run at various speeds based on the machined materials and the desired final finish.

  • Tool change capabilities: 

Soft broaching machines are designed to facilitate tool change, which means the different tools for broaching can be used to create different sizes and shapes.

1. Automated Feed Control: 

Soft Broaching equipment features automated feed control. It implies that the broaching machine can automatically move across the piece at a certain time.

  • Coolant System: 

Soft Broaching tools have a cooling system that keeps the tool cool and helps stop the buildup of heat and tool wear

Benefits of Soft Broaching Machines

Soft broaching machines provide numerous advantages to companies looking to create high-quality components effectively and economically. The benefits are:

  • Soft broaching machines can create highly precise parts with precise tolerances. They are perfect for any application in which precision is crucial.
  • Broaching machines can be a cost-effective method to create high-quality components in huge quantities. It is because the process is speedy efficient and efficient. It also requires little operator involvement.
  • Broaching machines make parts at a quicker speed than other processes for machining. It means they can boost the efficiency of production overall.
  • Soft broaching machines are extremely versatile and can create various sizes and shapes. It makes them perfect for a range of different uses.

Applications of Soft Broaching Machines

Soft broaching machines are utilized in various industries to manufacture a vast assortment of components and parts. The most popular uses of these machines are:

  • Automotive industry: 

The soft broaching machine is typically used in the automotive sector to manufacture parts such as transmission drive shafts, gears, and steering parts.

  • Aerospace sector: 

Broaching machines to make turbine blades, engine parts as well as structural components.

  • Medical industry: 

These machines are employed in the medical field to create components such as surgical instruments, dental implants, and prosthetic pieces.

  • Manufacturing industry: 

Soft broaching machines are employed in the manufacturing industry to create various components and parts for various applications.


Soft broaching equipment is becoming increasingly sought-after due to its capability to provide precise and high-quality results at a reasonable cost. These machines come with a wide variety of benefits and features, including the ability to control speed with variable speeds, a tool that can be changed, automatic feed control, and a cooling system. 

Soft broaching machines are utilized in various industries, such as aerospace, automotive, medical, manufacturing, and aerospace. If you’re trying to create high-quality products economically and effectively, an automatic broaching device could be your ideal solution.

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