IBM As a Technology Partner for COP27


The rapid pace of digital change has generated anxiety, but new technologies are providing new solutions to old problems. Moreover, they offer a new way to run a country. That’s why the United Nations Climate Change Conference, COP27, has chosen IBM as its technology partner.

Sustainability goals

During the UNFCCC COP27, IBM is also showing how its technology can help leaders and regulators to meet sustainability goals. Its portfolio includes cybersecurity, password protection, and stronger systems to protect critical infrastructure. As a leader in AI, business services, and hybrid cloud, IBM is helping organizations find new ways to solve environmental issues. Moreover, it has a history of making environmental commitments.

Climate solutions

In addition to its role as a technology partner, IBM is a founding member of the United Nations Environment Programme’s Science-Policy-Business Forum on the Environment. Several climate innovation labs are experimenting with ways to scale innovative thinking about climate solutions.

Despite all the positives, technology has also fueled a variety of social, economic, and political problems. For example, echo chambers can fuel extremism. However, modern technologies are unlikely to have played a part in the 9/11 terrorist attack.

Current information

Nonetheless, technological developments play a vital role in shaping policy and social discourse. For instance, the current information ecosystem has created echo chambers, which fueled polarization and extremism.


To better understand the impact of specific devices, it is important to look at the socio-technical contexts in which they are used. At the same time, new inventions can act as a catalyst for emerging situations, giving a variety of tools to new users.


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