How to Create Guided Learning Tips and Guides


A guide is a type of website that provides tips, advice, or recommendations on how to do something. These types of sites go well on search engines, and provide helpful articles that will draw links from other websites.

Supports multiple

Guided Learning is a platform that allows users to create guides for each domain. The platform also lets them link the guides to guide activation conditions. This helps users to find other guides that are relevant to them. It also supports multiple popup windows.

If you are creating a guide, you can add an image to the buttons, instead of using the “yes” or “no” options. You can also set up the guide to launch automatically. When you launch a guide, you will be redirected to a specified page. However, some web applications are sensitive to direct access, so you may need to wait for the page to load before the guide can be launched.

Sending and receiving

Using the JS API, you can search for guides that match your keyword. Unlike some other search methods, this method works client-side, which means that your application will avoid sending and receiving extra messages to the web series review.

To edit a step, select the step and click the “Edit” or “Edit Branches” button on the Guide Editor. For additional settings, you can open the Advanced Settings Panel and click the “Step Branches: Add” setting.


If a step has been skipped, a highlight line will appear on the console. In the DevTools Console, you can then troubleshoot the issue.


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