Home Improvement Tidbits For the Post-Home Improvement Era


“Home Improvement” was a show that made Tim Allen a huge star in the 1990’s. During its eight-year run, the show earned multiple awards. It was also one of the top-rated new shows of the season. In fact, it was deemed the best new TV program of 1991.

New Television Series

Despite its success, the show was not as well received in the media. While it won several awards, including the Golden Globe for Best New Television Series, it didn’t fare as well in critics’ surveys. This is largely due to the fact that the series’ star, Tim Allen, was a bit of a chameleon.

Similarly, Home Improvement’s star did not make an appearance in the series’ finale. Ultimately, the show’s ratings dropped from 18 million viewers per episode to just over four million in its final season.

Highest-rated series

The show’s biggest claim to fame, though, was its hefty ad budget. Although the show received a tepid response from critics, it was a hit with the masses. Among its many accolades, it was the highest-rated series of the 1990s and received numerous awards. Those included the Young Artist Award, the Young Male Achievement Award and the ASCAP award for its music.


Of course, you can’t expect the show’s characters to have an easy time of it after the show has ended. They still have to do the requisite household tasks, and that’s what prompted this article. One thing is for sure, the cast isn’t short on to-do lists.


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