APP Announces New B2B Platform


1APP is a cloud-based mobile operating system designed to give users instant access to their favorite mobile apps. Its goal is to make payments easier and cheaper, and it recently launched a beta B2B platform.

App to confirm

A new feature that the company announced on February 2 is Instant Business Account Number. This new service enables businesses to get their business account number in three minutes. Once they have it, they can use their app to confirm payments to their customers. The advantage of this is that there are no bank charges.

In December, 1APP released a beta version of its B2B platform. The service allows companies to accept and receive payments from other business owners and salespeople without having to create a physical card. For customers, the platform offers a range of features, including 2% off recharges and 20% off data purchases. Those who wish to learn more about the product can visit the company’s website.

Business details

Currently, the company offers five free transfers a month. Interested parties can download the app, add their business details, and get their account number. During the registration process, they are advised to provide a CAC number, as well as other documents.


In addition, they can explore their business’s download rank history and use top keywords to track their transactions. Additionally, they can slice their downloads by country, date range, and versions. And last, they can take advantage of InstantClick, which provides clickable web links that can be used to install and complete a transaction.


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